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  1. THUNDER CANYON. I used to ride my green broke horses into this canyon near where I lived, sorta like a graduation day ride…once they trusted me here, they would trust me anywhere. The thunder in the title, is because one day as I was sitting on this black and white 4-year-old colt, I hear thunder…getting louder and stronger. The horse is getting nervous and jittery. Suddenly, from around the bend in the river flies a crop duster, just skimming the trees, and having a thrill. My horse explodes and throws me into the stream…I am pissed, and I expect to be on foot now…but the horse was too scared to run off. After I catch up to the horse the crop duster comes back by, we make eye contact, and he signals to me that he’s sorry. Years later, I end up doing a commission painting for him, and learn in conversation that it was him…we laughed about it.

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